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2. View your contract. Click on the View Contract link the box next to this. It is in the Pending Contracts section at the bottom (it’s in blue font). After reviewing the contract, come back to this page to sign it.

3. In the box next to this, click on the Sign Document link in Pending Contracts section at the bottom (it’s in blue font).

4. Enter your Date of Birth in this format  dd/mm/yyyy

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8. Did you take legal advice – select Yes or No.

9. If you selected Yes, type the name of the Law Firm.

10. Type the Contract ID Number (to find this number, click the View Contract link. When you are viewing the Contract Document the No: can be found on the top left corner on the 2nd line).

11. Finally, if you’re having trouble at any point in the process, please call one of our friendly staff on 03 9882 0443, we are always happy to help!