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Client Finance

How does the client repay the fees?2018-03-17T15:58:38+11:00

Client Finance will issue a contract to your client, showing the value of the funding, instalment amounts and repayment dates.

We will then set-up a direct debit facility with your client so that the instalments are debited from their preferred bank account on the scheduled dates – making the repayment of their professional fees, simple and stress-free.

Client Finance manages the repayment process including the following-up of missed instalments, rescheduling of instalments, changing bank accounts etc.



How much can a client borrow?2018-03-17T15:53:38+11:00

Client Finance will fund professional fees and insurance premiums starting at a minimum of $2,001.

For more information on the funding that we can provide, and the flexible and manageable repayment terms, please contact us via the Contact Us page, or on 03 9972 9524

When does the firm receive their money?2018-03-19T13:57:29+11:00

Once the firm’s client has accepted our quote, Client Finance will issue them with a contract showing all repayment amounts and dates.

After the first repayment has cleared in Client Finance’s bank account (usually 2 business days after the first direct debit has occurred), Client Finance will transfer the entire value of the firm’s fees directly into the firm’s bank account.

Client Finance allows you to start working for your clients straight away, knowing that they’ll be able to manage the payment of your firm’s fees. It also allows your clients to proceed with asking for more professional advice – as they now have the comfort of knowing that the fees will be manageable. Your business grows – and so does theirs!

What are the fees/rates on each loan?2018-03-17T16:03:10+11:00

For more information on fees and repayments, please contact Client Finance via our Contact Us page.

Client Finance is free for Professional Firms to use, and the costs of the funding are generally tax-deductible for your clients.

How do I obtain a quote?2018-03-17T16:02:38+11:00

Once your firm has established an account with Client Finance, we can provide a quote within minutes.

When the firm and client are discussing the fees for the service, or the insurance premium to be paid, just contact us on or call our client services team on 03 9972 9524 and we’ll provide a quote that matches both the firm and client’s requirements.

Once all parties have agreed to the quotation, Client Finance will issue a contract and manage the repayment of your firm’s fees for you.

What do I need to do to set up an account?2018-03-17T16:01:55+11:00

It’s simple and easy to set up an account for your business with Client Finance.

Please see our simple Join Us page on this website to submit your basic contact details and one of our friendly client services team will call you soon after.

Alternatively, you can email us at or call us during business hours on 03 9972 9524.


What type of funding does Client Finance provide?2018-03-17T16:01:16+11:00

We provide funding for all types of professional fees. Most of our clients are in the accounting, legal and insurance professions, however, we are not limited to these industry sectors.

Client Finance has been established to help you and your clients to fund short-term cash flow.

For the firm, it closes the gap between when you start work for a client and when you receive their fees.

For the client, Client Finance gives them the flexibility to spread their fees over flexible, manageable monthly instalments.

This allows your firm to focus on winning more business. Your firm gets the opportunity to add more value and deepens your client relationships – all while increasing revenue for your firm.


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