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Client Finance

Our process is fast and easy!

Our quick and simple process has been custom designed to meet the unique needs of professional firms and their clients.

  • When discussing your professional fees with clients, suggest Client Finance as a great option to assist your clients with cash flow planning, and an alternative to paying their fees in one lump-sum payment.

  • Complete the simple and easy application form and Client Finance will provide a quote within minutes.

  • Once the client agrees to the quote, we’ll provide a contract to the client and set up a direct debit schedule that corresponds to their cash flow.

  • Client Finance begins debiting the client’s bank account according to the agreed schedule.

  • Once the client’s first instalment has cleared (usually within 48 hours of the first repayment) Client Finance will deposit 100% of the invoiced amount directly into your firm’s bank account.

  • The client continues to repay the funded amount via direct debit, resulting in easy and successful management of their cash flow.

  • Your firm and the client can continue to build your working relationship, knowing that future fee repayments will be will expertly managed by Client Finance. 


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